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How to handle the first day of school

In: Infants|Parenting

13 Jul 2010

first day school anxiety

Here are some tips you could use to make the first day of school easier:

1. Find out the plan – Get in touch with the teacher or the school and get the plan for the week. The day before the school, discuss the plan with your child and make it sound exciting. If the child has something to look forward to, the chances are that the child will be actually be excited for school the next day.

2. Show up on time – The last thing you want to do is rush the child to school during this anxious time.

3. Help the child make new friends – Look out for friendly kids or friendly parents and try to help your kid make friends. There will be other parents and kids who will be looking for friends as well so do not feel like you are imposing on anyone.

4. Home reminder - Try and pack something for your kid that reminds him/her of home. Be prepared to lose it as the child might have a lot of fun at school and forget the item.

Image Credit: Curt

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